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New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction

Diana Forbes, Author

Diana Forbes is the pen name for Vicky Oliver, who both wrote Mistress Suffragette and owns the copyright to the novel. Any inquiries about the novel should be directed to To date, Mistress Suffragette has won 21 awards. Stay tuned for the sequel (coming soon)!

Mistress Suffragette: A story about strong women who lived, loved, survived and thrived at the tail-end of the Gilded Age. Purchase Mistress Suffragette on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo, Apple iTunes & Smashwords.


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New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction

About Diana Forbes

Diana Forbes is a 9th generation American, with ancestors on both sides of the Civil War. Diana Forbes lives and writes in Manhattan. When she is not cribbing chapters, Diana Forbes loves to explore the buildings where her 19th Century American ancestors lived, loved, survived and thrived. She is passionate about vintage clothing, antique furniture, ancestry, and vows to master the quadrille in her lifetime. Diana Forbes is the author of New York Gilded Age historical fiction.

New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction
Diana Forbes Follow her at: And if you enjoy Mistress Suffragette, kindly leave a nice review on Amazon.


New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction
The Masquerade Dress by Robert Henri, 1911


Publication History

1Mistress Suffragette, Diana Forbes’s debut, a New York Gilded Age historical fiction book. To be published by Penmore Press in Spring 2017.

2. “Temptation,” a chapter from the sequel to Mistress Suffragette, was published in the Saturday Evening Post’s “Great American Fiction” Contest anthology of winners in January 2017.

3. The sequel to Mistress Suffragette won Honorable Mention in the 2021 Landmark Fiction Prize.

4. “The Smell of Success,” a selection from the sequel to Mistress Suffragette, to be published on “Story Shack” in August 2017.

5. A selection from Mistress Suffragette won 1st Prize in Women’s Fiction in the Missouri Romance Writers of America “Gateway to the Best” Contest.

Diana Forbes’s Blog Tour

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Raves and Reviews

New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction Young Woman in White Dress by Jan Styka, 1890

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Mistress Suffragette is a delightful romp through the Gilded Age. Penelope Stanton, a young woman forced to create a new life for herself, is a witty and feisty guide through this most fascinating of eras. A very entertaining read.
— Susan Breen, author of the bestselling Maggie Dove mystery series.

In this superbly crafted novel, rich with historical detail, Diana Forbes transports the reader to the Gilded Age and creates an unforgettable protagonist in Penelope Stanton.
— Phyllis T. Smith, Bestselling author of I Am Livia and The Daughters of Palatine Hill

What fun! Diana Forbes reboots the Age of Wharton, giving the story of a young suffragette’s coming of age her own sly, sexy spin.

— Ron Hogan,

Mistress Suffragette is a joy ride through late 19th Century New England, a comedy of manners from a new and exciting voice in historical fiction. This novel picks up where Jane Austen left off.

— Diana Spechler, author of Who by Fire and Skinny

The characters Diana Forbes has deftly drawn do much more than give insight into a fascinating part of our history; they indeed step right off the pages and into our hearts.

— Kara Westerman, Producer at AmagansettLand Podcast, Facilitator of The Amagansett Library’s oral history project



New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction - 1st Prize award1st Prize, Missouri Romance Writers of America (RWA), “Women’s Fiction”

Garcia Memorial Prize,
“Best Fiction Book of the Year”

Regional Winner, “Best from the Northeast”

1st Place, “Romance”

New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction - 1st Place award
1st Place, Chatelaine Award,
“Romance and Sensuality”

First Place, Book of the Year Winner,
Independent Author Network

Outstanding Fiction Award,
Independent Author Network

Winner, NYC Big Book Award

Finalist, Eric Hoffer Award, “General Fiction”

Winner, Book Excellence Award, “Romance”

Silver, North American Book Awards, “History”

Literary Classics Silver Medalist

Silver, Literary Classics, “Historical”
(Young Adult/New Adult)
Silver, Literary Classics, “Romance”
(Young Adult/New Adult)

New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction award
Shortlisted, Chanticleer Somerset Award, “Literary Fiction”

New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction
Finalist, Wisconsin RWA “Fab Five” contest, “Women’s Fiction”

Nominee, Top Female Authors,
The Authors Show

Pinnacle Award, Best Book
in the Category of Romance

Notable, Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book

Winner, Paris Book Festival,
“General Fiction”

Runner-Up, New York Book Festival,
“Wild Card”

Honorable Mention, SF Book Festival,
“General Fiction”

Kirkus, Best Indie Books of 2017

Finalist, Indie Awards,
“First Novel (Over 80,000 words)”

Diana Forbes’s second novel has
already been shortlisted for the
Chanticleer Goethe “Historical Fiction” Award

Speaking Engagements

* How To Get Free Publicity For Your Books (Without Hiring A Publicist), Bellingham, WA

* Historical Fiction Panel With C.C. Humphreys and Soni Guzman, Bellingham, WA

* Communications and Media Networking Brunch, Terrace Club, New York, NY

* Reading, Mistress Suffragette, Lady Jane’s Salon, New York, NY

* Communications Networking Cocktail Hour, University Club, New York, NY

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New York Gilded Age Historical Fiction